Capture aerial data at scale

Remotely operate any industrial drone mission nationwide, even in GPS-denied environments, from a central control room. 


No need for pilots on site. Our solution unlocks the next phase of growth in the drone industry.


Fly on demand. Data is delivered in real time. 


Deploy multiple missions, in different locations, on the same day.

Technology to support the widest range of missions technology combines human pilots working in a central control room with autonomous drones installed on client sites. Using virtual reality, the pilots are placed inside a 3D twin of the drone’s environment in real-time, which allows them to execute complex missions, even close to obstacles.


We can support the widest range of missions – from complex, GPS-denied missions (e.g. around construction sites, under oil rigs, inside tunnels), to routine missions (e.g. regular inspections & monitoring), to ad-hoc missions (e.g. immediate response to a security or safety incident or close inspection of a structure with a remote expert in the loop).

Industrial use cases

Our solution is applicable to almost every drone market vertical, as it unlocks a better way to fly. However, our initial focus is on the construction, infrastructure and oil & gas markets. 



Now is the time to scale up the use of drones in the construction sector. We will be able to assess risk, map sites and track progress more effectively, at a lower cost. 



The use of digital technology to maintain and monitor the UK’s infrastructure sector is the future. Our software enables drones to capture high quality aerial data, at scale.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas

Inspecting oil and gas sites can be costly and dangerous. Our drones use virtual reality technology to inspect the most complex sites, in any location, in real time.

Leadership team experience

Our team is ex-Apple, CERN, McLaren, Oracle Racing and hedge funds. Career highlights include winning one Formula 1 World Championship, two America’s Cups, leading the team that designed and built the first hybrid engine ever used in a supercar – the £1m McLaren P1 – and heading up the European team at Eton Park, a hedge fund with $14bn assets under management.

We are experts in robotics & autonomy; control systems & dynamics; GPS-denied navigation; RF comms; embedded systems; and high-risk operations.

Our Partners