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The world is accelerating towards a future where drones fly autonomously at scale – high up alongside manned aviation and low down inside our industrial sites, suburbs and cities. We’re excited to be leading the way in this technological revolution: unlocking the remote capture of aerial data at enterprise scale for the first time. Progress is good – our BVLOS Command & Control technology is evolving, and customers are engaging.

Our HQ is in Lavant, near Chichester. If you enjoy the energy of a start-up, like making history and seek the lifestyle benefits of the UK’s South Coast then drop us a line at

We are hiring:

Robotics Engineer

We are seeking a Robotics / Computer Vision Engineer to join our small team and help build a world-class solution for the BVLOS operation of drones.

Core to our system are many advanced robotics algorithms including visual & LIDAR inertial SLAM, path planning and obstacle avoidance, 3D world reconstruction and rendering, and UAV control methods. These have all been developed in-house, and we would like to accelerate their development further.

Reporting to the VP of Software, the successful candidate would lead the development of a number of these algorithms, and ideally introduce further novel methods and approaches to our software, drawing both from their own experience and external academic developments.

Full job description here:

Software Engineer

We are seeking a software developer to join our team and help build a world-class solution for the BVLOS operation of drones. Our technology is software focused and the successful candidate will be in a key role to influence the product and the development roadmap.

Reporting to the VP of Software, the successful candidate will be working on general software architecture, as well as specific high-performance algorithms. A broad area of knowledge is required to manage the various technical aspects of our system. There is a large amount of room for creative and innovative solutions and you will have the opportunity to explore these avenues.

C++ is our core language, but we are also developing analysis and post-flight tools in python. Other languages are welcome and might provide a suitable platform for some components. We are also looking at using GPU-deployed processes for some suitable algorithms. A good knowledge of CUDA is a plus.

We have developed in-house the rendering system used on the pilot side. A good
knowledge of rendering concepts and interests in computer graphics would be beneficial, but is not a requirement.

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Mechanical Development: This role will require active and detailed involvement in the development of our prototypes and day to day operations, including:

  • 3D design of components for the drones, test rigs and other prototype or testing equipment
  • Manufacturing of 3D printing parts
  • Building all sorts of equipment with wood, aluminium and other suitable materials.


Electronic Development: As part of prototype development and lab work the candidate will also:

  • Design, build and assemble PCB boards
  • Design the wiring to interconnect electronic subsystems, both data and power
  • Troubleshoot systems

Lab management and in-house testing are also part of this role.

Full job description here: