No mission is too complex or too dangerous

Drones are regularly used by oil and gas companies to carry out oil well and rig inspection, pipeline inspection and monitoring, and surveying and construction monitoring.


They offer dramatic benefits in terms of cost savings. According to PWC, inspecting a live asset such as a flare stack without having to shut down the rig can save a staggering $4m per day. For an under deck inspection of an oil platform, a drone can complete in five days what would take eight weeks with a traditional scaffolding approach.


Drones also offer safety benefits. They can be used to inspect remote or hazardous areas such as inside oil storage tanks, and remove the need for working at height. can dramatically augment these benefits by removing the need for a pilot on site. Once a drone is installed, it can be deployed on demand for regular or ad hoc missions around the site, flown by a pilot at our remote HQ.


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