Minister for Aviation and Maritime hails’s ‘pioneering’ tech’s pioneering work to develop autonomous flight technology has been hailed by Minister for Aviation and Maritime, Baroness Vere in an update to the aviation and aerospace industry. This follows our recent demonstration of our technology to the Future of Flight Industry Group, co-chaired by Baroness Vere. Joining us in the room was the UK Civil Aviation Authority, NATS, Department for Transport (DfT), UK Research and Innovation, Connected Places Catapult and drone industry leaders including Altitude Angel and Skyports Infrastructure.

We brought to life a complex 3D close visual inspection of live 400kV National Grid overhead powerlines in Hampshire, flown #bvlos from Boeing’s London office – an ideal opportunity to show how well our team works under pressure! Two further demos to a group of potential customers and a group of current and potential partners, culminated with a live flight on the National Grid in Hampshire.

In her blog post, Baroness Vere also talks about the upcoming Future of Flight Action Plan, which will set out the UK’s direction for Future Flight technologies. In the coming decades, drones and new electric aircraft are expected to add tens of billions of pounds to the UK economy. The Action Plan will aim to empower and encourage even more innovation and show it’s not just planes that will make the UK a global leader in aviation. We are looking forward to reading it.