5 top emerging drone companies

sees.ai named a top five emerging drone start up impacting construction

StartUS Insights analysed¬†321 startups developing drones for the construction industry and named sees.ai as a top five solution to watch alongside TraceAir, Civdrone, Sentient Blue and Huviair. The report says: ‘The first step of construction is to survey the land and gather all the necessary data points for design engineering. Using drones for aerial surveying is faster and more accurate. With advancements in UAV technology, such as Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), infrastructure development, and construction, use drones equipped to fly BVLOS for orthophoto mapping and site-surveying.

British startup Sees.ai offers remote drone operation solutions to construction companies. The control room simulates a virtual reality (VR) environment on-site that enables pilots to navigate the drones remotely. As a result, this increases efficiency, on-site worker safety, and profitability.’

Five top emerging drone startups impacting construction.