Webinar: Transforming infrastructure inspection with simulation and autonomy

A key part of our development process is to test in simulation before launching real world UAV operations. As an early access partner to Microsoft’s Project AirSim, our CEO John McKenna was invited to join Microsoft in a recent Commercial UAV News webinar, ‘Transforming Infrastructure Inspection with Simulation and Autonomy,’ to explain why simulation¬†is a vital tool for our business.

In an excerpt from the webinar, John said:

Deploying UAVs in the real world is expensive and risky, especially close to critical infrastructure assets like the electricity grid. With so many variables and aviation’s strict safety standards, we don’t believe you can do this safely at scale without simulation.”

You can listen to the webinar here: https://www.commercialuavnews.com/webinars/transforming-infrastructure-inspection-with-simulation-and-autonomy